Antonia Papasergio

Textile designer and conservation scientist. Based in Ravenna (IT). 

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Sound Grid

5 works f or installation in the Princess Theatre’s foyer, with associated instrumental sound interpretation. Silk , polyester, polypropylene, nylon, cardboard, procion dye.

Year: 2016

The Princess Theatre (Melbourne) is the oldest continually used theatre in Australia. At night the foyer is a place of social gathering and entertainment, but during the day, it lies empty and exposed to the footpath of Spring Street.

As a starting point, images of the Princess Theatre’s foyer were overlain with a grid, details shaded in a pattern, and this grid-structure was then transformed into a textile form. Construction was inspired by traditional western patchworking and Korean pojagi seaming techniques, comprising of geometric pieces of sheer organzas with musical notation expressed through the adjustment of colour (dye and fibre choice), opacity (paper), and reflection (plastic and chemically-altered silk). There is no given key or clef for interpretation of the musical notation, and the works have no beginning or ending. The works can be rotated, flipped, and combined, creating multitudes of options for the interpreter.