Antonia Papasergio

Textile designer and conservation scientist. Based in Ravenna (IT). 

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A collection of wearable and thoughtful textiles exhibited as part of Australian Eastern Daylight Time: RMIT Bachelor of Fashion and Textiles Design Graduate Exhibition.

Year: 2021
The relationship between textiles and the human body is one of co-dependence. Textiles aid the healing of our bodies; they bind, cast, wrap and hold us. Simultaneously, they rely on our care to prolong their lifespan and prevent inevitable pathways to decay. My work is inspired by transformative bodily processes such as bruising, bleeding and breaking, and the blurred boundary between textiles and human skin. I work with upcycled fiber collaging and historical repair techniques with careful consideration of the long-term stability of each piece.

Shirt with a hard bruise. Silk organza, sprayed acrylic.
Jacket with skin grafts. Patchwork of found cellulose, Rubia Tinctorum dye, quilted with cotton, mended with gold. 
Vest with soft bruise. Intarsia knit.
Dress with scar tissue. Singed silk organza, Rubia Tinctorum dye, silk thread.