I work with found textiles and objects, which I source from second-hand stores, personal connections, and via online marketplaces (fb/ebay/etc.). Textiles are inspected for faults and burn tested to confirm fibre content. I prefer to work only with natural fibres (silk, cotton, linen), but particularly well-made synthetic blends have their place. 

When I need to supplement my work with new textiles, and I take care to determine to quality and source. Material origin and composition will be noted. 

The future recyclability of my work is important to me. I’m transitioning to using solely pure cotton threads, which do not have to be removed for garment recycling.  Currently, I’m searching for interfacing which is not synthetic, but at the moment, it is. The sewn in Antonia Papasergio labels are woven in Germany from organic cotton. The care label is printed on recycled PET, but can be removed easily.