b. nipaluna, Australia

AP is an interdisciplinary designer and scientist, living between Australia and Italy. Having studied design (textiles) and science (chemistry), she works within the space between these fields, centred on cultural heritage conservation and slow fashion and textile design.

Her design practice explores the inherent nature of textile decay and the relationship between user and object. Garments and other textile works are created with quiet acknowledgment of their place and responsibility in our life, and beyond. Ancient artefacts which lay in museums around the globe provide inspiration, softly bearing a wealth of traditional craft and construction techniques, and shared human memory. Textiles and findings are sourced in vintage markets, ebay, and dust-covered attics, and transformed into pieces which slot seamlessly into the present day.  The backbone of her practice is a desire for every piece to be thoughtful, dependable, and conservable. 


Enquiries about custom pieces/collaborations/anything else welcome.